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Wonderful Night with Muse


January 7, 2010 had a strange start.  Like usual, I got off from the bus and walked to my office building.  As I walk I was trying to find something from my bag.  Then a random non-Korean foreigner kinda nudged me as he walks.  Excuse me! I almost wanted to chase him and push him like he did, but since I am a classy lady, I gathered myself under control.  I think there has been some strange, not-very-pleasant incident too but I forgot about them – all thanks to Muse concert at that evening!

I like Muse, but not so much of a fan who checks their website of whatever every single day.  But I heard there live concert is an absolute blast.  Lastly (and most importantly), I just love going to the live concerts and going nuts.  When majority of kids of my age likes clubbing, drinking and hooking up and getting laid, I go concerts and go nuts instead.  If you put me in places like London or Tokyo, I’ll be bankrupt, spending pretty much all of my money to the concerts and such.  In fact, most of my expenses at Tokyo were spent to live clubs and concerts.  I tried to get some friends to go with me.  Unfortunately almost all of their working schedule was totally out of synch with mine so I went there by myself anyway.  Thanks to the rush-hour traffic, my forgetfullness to leave glasses at home and that 20-inch-snow bomb which paralyzed the entire Seoul city, I was there a bit late.  Remembering how I missed the “Rock ‘n Roll Star” of Oasis concerts (Damn traffic!) last year, I was begging Muse to not to start on time or have their first song as something I like very much.  Lucky me, they didn’t start on time.  But then, it was delayed for about 35 minutes.  If I did not have knowledge of how Matthew Bellamy can be obssesive compulsive disorder patient before each conert (causing him to suffer from bad stomach and multiple visits to bathroom on last year’s Jisan Rock Festival), I am pretty sure I’d be angry. Well, at 8:35 pm it started at Olympic Park’s main stadium with 11,000 peole.  From here, a note-taking type of my review – because I was zombified as the concert proceeds.  If you do not want to read a lot of swears and exaggerations, please skip the rest of writing, and jump to the conclusion – it was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Matthew Bellamy = he’s frigging small.  Small.  Small as grade school kid.

Dom Howard = some random college kid living your next door

Chris Wolstenholme = Bear.


Oh my

Oh my fuc*ing god

I frigging knew people say Muse live is the shit, but I did not expect this much.

It’s like I saw a frigging new world!!!!!!! This is the Space Opera Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olympic Stadium is notorious for bad sound quality, but for somehow they managed to pull out something that is very close to the CD recording.  Damn.

The background graphics were total kick-ass.  It was not a random pretty pics – they actually prepared and coordinate each graphics for each songs.  Basically the quality was like music video+CD = live.

For about 100 minutes, all they say was “thank you Seoul!” “사랑해요 Seoul! (I love Seoul)” “감사합니다 (thank you)” and other than that it was straight songs.  No voice cracking, no mistakes.  Damn, what are you guys – monsters?

Uprising and Supermassive Black Hole was placed at the beginnign of the live – I was already like “hell yeah!!!!!!!!!” Huge catharsis when everybody sang “they will not force us/they will stop degrading us/they will not control us”  I ran to the front line but a very nice and kind staff told me to back off.  Thanks and sorry lady. And I got to listen the Starlight in live.  In freaking live, doing 1-2-1-3 claps with 11,000 people around me.  People went absolutely crazy by the time Muse played Time is Running Out.  I heard the Muse manager freaked out at last year’s Muse concert in Seoul because the screaming and singing was way too loud.  Now I believe the story.

60 minuste after the concert begins, I was already the chorus slave.  90 mintes after, I was like a cult member or zombie already.

I haven’t been to a live that was this fun and energetic – you know, all becoming like one and crazy.  The ticket was worth more than every penny.  I almost felt bad because it felt like I paid something less than its actual value.  The only drawback was lack of passion (?) around my seat.  At last year’s Oasis live, everyone around my seat put our arms around on each others shoulders, danced, and sang the Supernova all together.  But yes, it made my day and I think I can go on for about a month.  For 2 days my iPod has been playing all Muse songs.

10 inch snow and they call it “snow bomb explosion.”


Many westerners think of warm weather, tropical rain forest, beach and elephants upon hearing the word “Asia.”  True, but a lot of them forget that there are norther Asian countries and these countries can be freaking cold, with snow.  The city of Seoul gets its regular dose of snow too, albeit not as much as American Midwest.

On January 4th and 5th, Seoul had a lot more snow compared to the average.  It was about 10 inches.  Media screamed that this is the largest amount of snow in 41 years.  The entire city became winter snow pandemonium.  Buses were delayed, if not flipped upside down; subways were packed with passengers for all day, not to mention delays; highways and bridges became a big parking lot; the city’s snow cleaning squad was not enough so the city called support for army’s Capital Defense Squad; about 3,500 army boys joined to clean the snow; the city lacked snow tractors/blowers so the mayor made an official statement, asking for help of everyone who has snow cleaning vehicle; subways and buses extended their business hour, running until 2 am.  I was about 20 minutes late, yet I was the 3rd earliest.  Officially excused to late, leave right on time and wear Ugg to work. Yay.

Despite the craziness and inconveniences, it was pretty funny to my eyes.  In Great Lakes areas, it snows almost ever day for over 15 inches in winter.  People are so used to it.  Salts are regularly put on the road for thrice a day.  Snow blowers go around 3-5 times per day.  People, wearing their snow boots, fleece hat and gore-tex jacket, drive to work.  That’s it. So the amount of snow did not surprised me; I was rather surprised by the entire metropolitan Seoul fell into a havoc and panick attack just because of 10 inch snow.  I know Seoul is just not ready for this kind of snow, but it was still a new experience for me.

Michigan night pic found from Google: I do remember this color. Seen this million times.

At the same time I really liked it.  It reminded me so much of my days in Midwest – all that snow, white scenery, trees, snow piles on a road, cold, crisp, clear air, quietness, navy-blue evening sky…calmness.  Great to listen to music.  Pull out any music – snow and coldness makes it sound like 5 times better.  Listening to Joy Division’s Atmosphere, I was just full of mellow, pleasing feeling of melancholy.  I used to mindlessly bike around with my iPod on.  I know I know, I will start complaining about snow and lack of urban conveniences once I go back.  Maybe it’s not even the same Midwest I lived or remember.  Maybe I am just fond of Midwest because I was lucky enough to meet people who are nice to me or share a lot with me only.  Maybe it was just all daydream illusion.  But I miss it – a corner of my heart does not want this Seoul snow melt away.

Typical winter day in Midwest.

Used to walk the roads like this one.

Used to walk the roads like this one.

This is all you see when you drive down Midwest in winter!