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Whether I like it or not, I will give a try for the big name firms in hiring season here.  As I wrote before, their hiring process is crazy and requires preparation.  For this reason, I will pinpoint the firms I really want to try and put my effort on it, instead of just applying here and there just because they have interesting job opening.  I still think the hiring process is unreasonably too time consuming, but I’m in South Korea – even if I fail, it will be a good experience and I will get to know the rule of game here.  If nothing works out, well, law school then.  I know it won’t be easy and going through three years of law school would be a hell hole.  But hey, if you can’t make money, better to learn something.

I am slightly hesitant, though.

From my experience, I think it would be better to go law school or whatever higher education after having 2-3 years of real life experience at least.  People who just hop on to the next level of academic degree because they had no idea what to do or were unwilling to work, tend to be total tools and immature (of course, people who continuously pursue high academic degree with clear purpose, like getting a job in academic field, does not belong to this category).  My college Japanese teacher once said, when in faculty meeting, professors who just continued their academic life without any wage-earning experience have really narrow viewpoint and frustrates her a lot (she has several years of working experience in Japan).  But professors who went through working in an organization are able to draw big picture.  I do feel for her.  The college professors who were so pleasant to work with all had several years of office working experience.  Earning your wage by working with others – from nice white-collar job to burger flipper – really open your eyes, and for sure you learn things that you cannot learn in school – both positive things and negative things about life and human.  By facing a lot of jerks and unexpected situation, you discover what kind of person you want to be, how to avoid being one of them, and why jerks turn into jerks.  And through that, you get to figure out what you want and who you are.

But on the other hand, so many people – more experienced in life – are telling me it is better to start studying when you are young.  It’s true, though.  Your brain functions better, you can get more things done and there is higher possibility of your parents saving your ass.  On the top of that, I will go to some kind of grad school sooner or later, so why not now?

Decision, decisions, decisions…

I think too much before planning something – it almost hurts my head.  I contemplate about what would be the best choice and the most rational choice.  Yet almost always I never get an answer.  Then I always go “screw it, I’ll just do what I want, give it a go and see how it goes. If it fails, oh well.”  I know I know, you are probably thinking, ‘then why research and plan to begin with?’ But I believe there is a difference between going for something you want just because you want it, and doing so with a good background knowledge and aware of possible results.  Evidences?  I don’t know, I just feel like it.

Well, for sure I’ll start with taking courses on Microsoft office and joining Korean-style employment process preparation club.