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Twisted Weekend (Where’s Common Sense?)


I had to deal with one of those cursed week again.  This time, it is weekend.

First, it was not a good start.  I had my MCAS outlook exam scheduled on 12:40.  I got their about 10 minutes early.  Unlike last time, I could not see any signs, lists and exam staffs at the door.  Strange, I thought but probably because the last exam session is still on.  I picked up my book and waited for staff to announce the beginning.  It was 12:45 and still there was nothing.  I decided to check what’s going on.  Shockingly, I could see people taking exam.  I was not happy.  So I entered the room, explained my situation and asked what happened.  They simply said I’m late and dismissed for today’s exam.

If this was first time for me, I have nothing to say.  It’s my fault.  But I took the similar exam on last week.  They had the name list at the entrance and had a staff at the waiting area.  The staff announced the entrance time, and waited outside to make sure everyone is not missing anything.  This week, I did not see any of that.  And now they say I’m late and it’s not their fault.  I got pretty pissed.

I: Look, last time there was a signboard at the entrance, had a staff at the waiting area and a name list all over the place.  I did not see any of that nor heard any announcement, even though I was here 10 minutes before the exam.

Staff: Um…I was here last week.

I: I’m not making this up because I took the exam in this place, just last week.   Do you think I’m shitting making everything up?

Staff: Oh, we had to use two rooms for last week but this week we just use one room.  That’s why.

I: What would people think if there is no nothing from the entrance?  And especially the procedure is different from last week and this week?

Why, what a splendid excuse.  So I had to return in vain.  Now I had to pay additional 12,000 KRW to re-schedule my exam.  Glad I don’t have to re-book the whole thing with full fee, but it’s not pleasant that I have to pay additional fee because of shitty exam management.  Seriously, how hard it is to have an additional copy of list and tape it at the entrance, and have additional staff to make announcement?  And why manage the procedure differently from last week and this week?  I’m sorry but I have to say this to them – Go f–k yourself. If I was not to meet Annabel and hit the museum with great lunch, I would’ve slipped into the marsh of depression.

Second.  You all know that I’ve been going to the job coaching session in Korean style.  It’s very flexible in terms of contents and schedule, so I planned to take a bit of break for a week – I can’t just keep going there with nothing of my material prepared and ready to be presented.  I took those off-time mainly working on my own drafts of 1-min speech, mock answers and reviewing my personal statement.  According to the specialist, I get to attend 6 times for about 120 USD.

The specialist at job coaching session called me last week when I was walking down the street.

I: Hello?

Specialist: Hi Ceberus, this is the job coaching session.  How are you doing?  Have you been busy?  We didn’t get to see you for a while.

I: Well yes, I had some things going on, keeping me busy.

Specialist: I see.  I’m calling you to let you know that our schedule will be changed from this March, so please check the website.

I: Alright, thanks.

I was not entirely happy because the notice was too sudden.  But personally I prefer something more systematic and fixed.  Even though a bit late, at least he’s getting the schedule on the track.  Good.  On Saturday evening, I logged on and checked the new schedule.  Apparently he did not mention anything about payment options for people like me, who is stuck between the old and new schedule.  I haven’t finished my six times yet.  Since it’s weekend, I uploaded my question on payment on the website board.  Of course I did not expect him to answer me instantly.  It’s weekend, right? He deserves one and I deserve one too.  The clock hit 11:30 pm – night! – and I finished doing dishes, all ready to go to bed.

Then my cell started to ring.

I was perplexed.  Who the f–k calls me on late late Saturday night?  Even without the “Saturday” in the sentence, it’s flat rude to call someone after 10 pm, unless it is an absolute emergency.  The number appearing on my phone was unfamiliar.  I answered the phone.  Well, it was the specialist.  And he mentioned about the question I uploaded.  He just tried to go on, so I had to say, “look, it’s late. E-Mail will do.” I later checked the e-mail with the answers I wanted.  I still don’t know why he HAD TO CALL AT 11:30 PM ON WEEKEND, where he could have provided the answers just fine over e-mail.  Or he could’ve just add a short reply saying, “I will call you later on / Please check your e-mail.”  Or, if he really needed to talk over the phone that late, I think it is etiquette to send the sms first.  Overall it’s basic “business manner” to not to call your business partner, customer, or client over business matter on weekend.  Even God (in Christianity) took a day off after making the world.

Anyway I did check the new schedule.  He named the topics to be covered, but not what each topic is about and general description of contents.  Thus I left another inquiry to give me some explanation on general contents.  This time I clearly wrote “I do not think the answer needs to be provided over the phone, so you do not have to call me – reply to this post will be just fine.”  Let me tell you that I was seriously tempted to call him back and fire at him.  But I probably won’t see this guy after 6th session, and by calling him I’m charging my phone.  He did so and I did not expect another call.  Well, he called me once again on Sunday.   I didn’t answer because I was at art museum.  I figured that out after checking my cell out of the museum.  My friend mentioned he’s nuts for calling his client on glorious Sunday lunchtime.  I don’t think he has crush on me, and even if he does, I do not like someone who has no respect for privacy.  But wait, that’s most of Koreans…

As soon as I came back to home and changing, my cell rang once again.  No, no, it can’t be.  But It was.  Once again, I had even more temptation to pick up the phone and just yell the shit out at this guy.  Of course he’s not calling me for help because he got shanked on his back.  If that’s not the case, there’s no reason for me to get the phone.  I ended up not picking up the phone.  It’s cool that you take your job well and even put your time on weekend too, but don’t spill your workaholicism on me – when I’m enjoying my weekend.  To my knowledge, he, too, has some office experience.  Does he not know “thou shall not call your biz-related people – especially on weekends over cell phone?”  Maybe his mom did not teach him the phone etiquette.  I did not expect a lot on him nor thought him as a job market guru.  When he called me on 11:30 pm, my mom sharply said “cut him away – he lacks basic!”  Now I am considering just not finishing my 6 appointments with this guy a bit more seriously.

Common sense is not common sense.  Sure, I love diversity, but…can someone publish a manual for basic etiquettes and make everyone memorize it?