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Some more hip partays


I don’t really do for so-called “night” “night club” or going those places. My perfect weekend night would be a good drink, good lounge/electronica music, rock my body a bit if I feel like, and give me some space. I am all for lounge more than clubs. So I am happy to see the growing number of “lounges,” kicking “night” ass away.

Let me know if you are interested!!!!!

+ Chungdahm area
Mustard Pimp (France) @ Binzip Project
Oct 16, Fri

Dmitri from Paris (France) for Halloween@ “Binzip Project”
Oct 30, Fri

+ “W” Walkerhill
Halloween Party @ Woo Bar
Oct 31, Sat

+ Hongdae Area
Cloud (Sweden) @ BlueSpirit
Oct 24, Sat

+Jongno Area
Rehap Opening @ Rehap