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BBC’s Sherlock – UK and BBC, turning me into Otaku every day.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (x as much as you want).  If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes series, and have a wet dream of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson coming into real life of 2010, do watch this.  The show was this year’s BBC’s biggest hit, and caused the Sherlock hype all over the Britania.  I’m in for the hype, as I took my Korean version complete edition of Sherlock Holmes, and attempting to buy English edition in near future.

I knew Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss always write a fabulous drama (heck, they write for Doctor Who, and Moffat also wrote Jekyll – which is one of my favorite show).  Trevor Eve bashed on it recently, and he has a point, but hey.  They write good shows.  And, even better, they are Holmes fans.  Everything is updated to 21st century, such as Holmes taking advantage of smartphones and the pair calling each other “Sherlock” and “John” instead of their surnames.  The famous lines are so cleverly updated – “I’ll be lost without my Boswell,” “The game is afoot!” and such.  I almost wept.  So reader, if you are about to cringe, crying out “that is not my Holmes!! Blasphemy!!”  Chill out, no worries.  If you are one of those “purists” who firmly believes in middle-aged Holmes, and foggy Victorian London, you might not like it.  All the updates are within the fine boundary of original texts.  They would better, since the executive writers are Holmes fan.

The stories are based on original story and characters, but slightly twisted here and there.  But they never go too far from the original.  So very well written.

Your 21st-century version of Holmes and Watson at good ol' 221b Baker.

The characters and casting – the show will be dead without these.  I think they did such a fine job with the character “updates” and casting.  Benedict Cumberbatch, the 75th Sherlock Holmes (and possibly the youngest), is the Holmes.  When I first saw his face, I immediately thought “holy mother, where did they get THE Sherlock Holmes?”  He has such a distinctive face – high brow and cheek, tall and straight nose, sunken cheek, long face, skinny.  Almost all BBC actors are properly trained in acting, but his performance is very good – just on the verge of madman and sane, cold, unexpected, somewhat androgynous.  I’d love to see more of his Holmes.  One thing clear: unlike most of the BBC Sherlock fans, I don’t think he is hot, cute, nor sexy.  There is something sentimental and airy in his eyes, and I guess many women take it as “sexy.”  Honestly, if Cumberbatch or someone looks like him asks me whether they can kiss me, I’d frown a bit and say “er…”  I do like Cumberbatch’s acting and his version of Holmes though.  It’s addicting.

Watson is wonderful, too.  Yes, it’s still that good, friendly Dr. Watson who keeps getting dragged here and there by Holmes, fulfilling all of his choirs.  I think Martin Freeman added a clever improvisation on Watson’s character.  Usually Watson is depicted as one of the background person, except the fact that he is Holmes’ best friend.  He doesn’t really do anything except shooting at the right moment, recording the cases and compliments Holmes.  Sometimes you even forget he is an ex-soldier.  Freeman’s Watson is great.  He is the friendly Watson as we all know, but this time we can tell he is an ex-soldier, and shows why he is such a great sidekick of Holmes.  I think I’ve never liked Watson like this before!

Pilot was promising, but a bit boring.  1st episode was orgasmic, 2nd wasn’t bad but a bit lagging, and last was just….a Christmas.  With the worst (in a positive way) cliffhanger.  BBC, you evil bastards.  Give me the next season, right now.

I’d be ecstatic if they do the 21st century version of the Adventure of Yellow Face, Gloria Scott and the Hound of Baskerville – my all-time Holmes favorite.