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Watching the Meet The Amish



Following the Meet the Natives, there’s Meet the Amish from NatGeo Adventure.  Five Amish kids from Ohio and Indiana goes on to the England for their Rumspringa.  I guess it was a bit of culture shock for Englishpeople who hosted their homestay, too – for Amish is something American (yeah, okay, definetely not mainstream) and a closed society.

For me Amish wasn’t that much of a big deal.  Sure, couple of white girls and boys running around together in head covering and big dress was not everyday thing, but then I grew up in Indiana, one of the top three Amish area.  It was quite common to see at least one Amish girl walking around the local shopping mall (so you can imagine MY culture shock by spotting an Amish girl popping out from the Hot Topic).  I also visited local Amish town, where it is heavenly quite, people awfully nice (and me being looked at – Asian in Amish town, take that).

It just reminded me of living in the Midwest.  Though I don’t necessarily agree with everything with Amish does, like no birth control and limited female role, some of their ethics and beliefs are very nice.