Postponing Everything


It has been 5 days since I am grounded in my bed, wasting away tons of tissues blowing my nose away and with a voice of Janis Joplin, two octaves lower.  I still can’t believe how the germ decided to attack me like 9 hours before my 2nd LSAT.  Fu*k you, germs.  But what is good about still thinking about something that’s been already done.  Oh well.

Few days before LSAT, I started to have a really bad rhinitis.  So bad that one night it actually woke me up, because one of my sinus was completely blocked and I couldn’t breathe well.  Ever since I moved back to Seoul, I started to have all this ENT related symptoms whenever the season started to change (I never had one back in the US).   About first time in 10+ years, I had to take another allergy test.  It was good that my rhinitis was not allergic.  One ENT doctor who treated me last time said it is okay to use sinus spray whenever my nose feels stuffy.  Well, another doctor at the same clinic, who recently diagnosed me, said maybe I used the spray too much.  Darn it, whom should I listen to?  皆泥坊か…。 Making the matters worse, X-Ray of my skull revealed I was born with the thicker sinus wall on my right side (the side that always swells and blocks my breathing).  Anyhow his recommendation is to have a surgery, since this is vasomotor rhinitis and it will come back over and over.  Surgery is a scary word, but fortunately this one was fairly simple one with minimum anesthesizing and no bleeding, taking only 30-60 minutes.  I wanted to have the surgery right after my LSAT exam, but before that, common cold attacked me.  What a timing.  obviously doctor said we will have to postpone the surgery to after I am fully recovered from common cold.

Meanwhile I took a productive activity during my illness-grounding.  Fortunately I bought a ton of Christmas/Happy New Year cards already, so for two days I spent all the time writing them in three languages…which can potentially confuse me a great deal, so I used only one language per card-writing day.  Sore throat is getting better with coughing.  But my nose is still running and – excuse me for “ewww” description – even more sticky.  So now my prescription finally includes antibiotics.  And the rhinitis is still here.  A lethal combination.  It’s weird how my body is still warmer than before but my body temperature is normal.  I do feel a bit drowsy though.

I want to go out and have fun and study for my another round of LSAT and get prepared for applications…but I can’t for now.  People say since I’ve been spending 3.5 – 5 hours per day poring over evil LSAT questions and considering all that conscious/unconscious mental stress, it’s so natural that I get sick by now.  And I agree.  Interestingly, I start to see a pattern, mainly because of my unusually high tolerance of stress.  Even the fortune-teller told me “my, you have a very high tolerance of stress, higher than everyone else.”  I don’t know that’s a compliment or what.  But maybe because I really do have a high stress tolerance, I don’t even realize I am that stressed out and so do others.  Then it explodes.

Well, at least on the facade, the life grounded to my bed with germs is alright.  Chocolates, 3 pots of tea per day (Glad I’m a tea-drinker), chips, pepperoni pizza, Sherlock and Daria.  Now I’ll be happy once I’m done with the rhinitis surgery.


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Have South Korean passport, looks like South Korean, speaks fluent Korean, working at South Korea yet grew up in Midwestern American and spent one year in Japan. Probably looks like Korean and speaks fluent Korean but thinks like American. Lost in translation. TCK/CCK.

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