Do people have no shame? Or (n)etiquette?


While I checked my blog’s stat for the first time in 5 days, I saw an unusual referer website.  I clicked the link, and it was some LSAT prep blog/website called  My past posting, God chose me to be his/her prank target today 2 (it’s not even funny) was linked to their December LSAT experience posting as some of the unusual LSAT experience.  Why, thanks – but their summarization of my posting was a tad distorted, and I don’t remember anybody saying to me, even over internet cable and by text, saying “Hello, this is OOO and we would like to link your posting for our XX.”  I sent them (and the post writer) an e-mail.  Unfortunately (and I feel very sorry for my friends of this blog) I have turned the aforementioned posting’s visibility to private until further notice.

I did not sleep at 4.  The only time I used the number 4 on the posting was me having 4 pills of melatonin.

It’s true that things did not go well.  But, I mentioned in the posting that me being healthy would not have made that much of a difference.

And like I said before, no one from the notified me that my posting will be featured on one of their posting.

Usually, I support the idea of sharing over the net space, as long as my “work” is not distorted, people letting me know that they are linking my work, and cited correctly.  Well, I don’t think this is the case.  Maybe I am being extraordinarily picky because I am still sick.  But if you have any experience of people stealing your work uploaded (which you did voluntarily and for the sake of sharing benefitting everyone including yourself) without saying anything to you, and/or facebook-stalked by someone you’d rather not get in touch again or completely unfamiliar pervert person, you will feel for me.

Most of all, I did not start this blog to solely entertain readers with silly stories, let alone making others feel superior by saying “oh boy, well I didn’t have to go through that!” than myself or friends.  To me, this blog is where I get to chit-chat and relate to each other (ranting included), with people who can share their stories or feelings with me.  In short, my blog intends to be a nice little circle of sharing stories.

My apologies to the loyal readers and friends, and I hope you to understand the inconvenience.

And well, yeah, okay, I admit, I feel sick and I can be a bit cranky.


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