Domain and Family


It’s Chusok – the Korean Thanksgiving, and I’m alone in my home, relaxed after a good Mexican dinner and Mojito, and now with my rose shisha, filled with rose perfume from head to toe 🙂  Except my shisha burned too fast (And this is all after 4.5 hrs of LSAT practice…urgh).  Though it is the 1st day of Chusok holiday, it rained really bad.  On my way to the Starbucks at a very random location, I could see some shops using half-basement of building all had a massive water pump hose out to the street so they can take out of the water.  And the 2nd floor window started to drip water.  It was that bad.

Mom and dad are off to Hokkaido.  I’d love to go with them, but I have a big test coming up.  Yen is expensive.  And I want some of my quality time.  My parents would not want to go on a trip when it is the peak season, but it’s mainly for my dad.   He recently moved his office and had a lot of headache going on, involving the setup and new interior design.  He can’t really take his time off other than official holiday (more like he doesn’t want  to), and he is picky on trip destination.  So long story short, they are off and I’m in Seoul.

My grandma insisted that she will sleep over.  I said it’s not necessary.  She was stubborn – and me, being a nice Korean granddaughter, did not object.  I thought it was one night, but she again changed her mind and stayed here two nights.  I appreciate her caring about me, but I wanted some time of my own.  That’s just how I am – “alone time” is needed for recharge.  She left today morning, again repeating how I shouldn’t go out because it is raining too much, make sure I lock the door, etc.  Of course I went out later she left – I can’t study in my room!

About 1 hour after I arrived a nice, cozy, quiet newly opened Starbucks, my grandma called.  She said she will come back, because it is raining a lot and she is worried.  I mean…thanks, but it is only 20 minutes walk from my home, there are plenty of cabs and busses, and I have a gigantic umbrella.  I said, “Granny, no, it’s okay.”  She just kept going on and going on.  At the end I had to say, “Grandma, really, it is okay, AND I NEED SOME TIME TO BE MYSELF AND RELAX.”  I think she sulked a bit, but I had enough.

Soon after, I found my phone flickering a message alert.  It was my aunt – older one –  saying she’s nearby thus willing to buy a meal.    It was all nice, except the fact that she called when I was middle of my timing thus silenced my phone.  Then she called/texted me like million times.  I got so annoyed, almost lost the study motivation.  I wouldn’t have been that annoyed, but my older aunt always picks the wrong timing, if not calling everyone multiple times in a day, changing her mind constantly.  At the end, I gave up timing and just worked on the questions.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the readers call me ungratuitous and/or spoiled.  Maybe I am a bit.  I do appreciate the fact my relatives are concerned about me.  But occasionally I feel like that they feel obliged to take care of me as a compensation of my lost Korean youth.  I can walk in the rain and capable of handling 20 minutes walk – heck, I walked +30 minutes in snowstorm and pitch-black forest regularly.  I can cook my meals.  I can do my laundry and I can clean.  I will call them if I need something.  Sometimes too much attention is suffocating.  But then, I am very well aware of the fact if I say this out loud, then I’ll be labeled as an “impolite one” or heard “how dare you…” or “but you are in Korea.” BUT, I grew up in States.  Hello.

That being said, I have to go to my granny’s house.  Alone.  Awkwardly staying there between much younger cousins and much older and reserved uncles.  Oh, hell.  I’ll just take my cousin’s Nintendo DS and spend time.


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