Life goes on


I quit my work.  After a short break, I will try out for the spring hiring season.  Instead of spreading my resume here and there, I will choose several firms and max my effort on them.  This is because South Korea’s hiring process is crazy, and also because my experiencing of not-very-well managed office.  Unless you don’t really want it or like it, and fairly sure about your choice, you can’t do your best, enjoy your job nor give the best result.  If it doesn’t work out, I consider it as an experience and I will head to law school.  The attitude – “fuc* it, I’ll do it and if it doesn’t work out, screw you guys, I’m going home law school.

Amy, a very good family friend of ours, is a Korean Canadian, living in Toronto with her Korean husband.  When she was getting married, we were surprised and her family was against it.  We recently heard a news about her – they are seriously considering divorce and her husband moved out already.  They have three kids.

Mary, a friend of mine, is now back in her Cali home and working on her grad school apps, while babysitting and also enjoying ballroom dancing.

Marianne is facing a graduation from her grad school in UK.  She’s going to get MA degree on English literature.  She was torn between going med school or continue studying literature.  I don’t know she made her mind up or no.

Rick, a classmate of my high school, died in an accident.

Cece, my best friend in high school and 6 years of friendship continuing, is going to go to med school in South Korea.

Ben is now suffering in grad school, working on his higher degree.

Soo wants to go to med school, but at the same time she is not too sure because everyone in her family works in medical field, so she never had a chance to learn about any other options.  Now she is working on getting her US citizenship, staying and waiting at her aunt’s house. It’s not her favorite place.

My Japanese mom’s youngest daugher is now engaged and moved out.  She’s alone in her home with a puppy.

My American mom’s daughter said she will take a break from her school for one semester (for now).  She is a bit bummed, but still enjoying her life.

Many of these people are very dear to me, and I do care for them.  I want to be near with them so I can visit them almost every day.  But now I am in South Korea and many of them are all over USA and Japan.  It’s not like I can drop by on my way back to home or weekend pleasure walk.

Life goes on – whether you die or live or sick, people walk their own path, live out their lives.  God only knows what is ahead in the path, and sometimes I think God himself doesn’t know what’s ahead there, waiting to be unfolded.

「僕が僕をやめること それが一番いけないことだよ、と。」


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