You gotta be shi*ting me.


I have less than a week until my last day of working.  Nothing happened, and I finished my sum-up reporting of my responsibilities.  No more requests, so I thought I would be able to acheive my peace-out.  Well, that doesn’t happen.  Only about 1.5 weeks before my leaving, HS and Yoon called me, saying Dr. Park had requested a sum-up of EC program in total.  Later on, I figured that Dr. Park’s intention was to make sure HS to get some idea of program in general, not only the report itself.  Riiight……So I did not have to ravage all that document archives.  Luckily, I made something very similar in the past, so I just recycled it with some touches.  Less hassle than I thought.

Then today, Yoon and HS asked me to write up the final report, up to the part I completed.

Are you shitting me?

If I remember correctly, I made myself clear that writing the official reports is not that hard, especially because there are plenty of references, and HS will have to do a lot of these if she is to take charge of many international stuff, and I also did all the reporting with very little help, on my own.  It’s doable.  Yoon said she understands.  HS said she will write some of the report and I agreed to answer questions and review it.

I guess someone has Alzheimer.

So I looked over the file folder, and realized EC has not sent their new reporting format yet.  Whenever they send a new format, they usually use the different categorization, including date designation.  In addition, this year’s program’s date was vastly different from that of the past.  I thought for a minute so I can get the best solution.  Well, since I have no idea of what the format would be, I will “filter” the necessary information and leave some notes.  In that way, HS can refer to my list and notes.  For other information, she can always look at the e-mails and scheduler.   In that way I was able to manage to write-up that reports when Karen – who was responsible for EC program before myself – was away for her maternity leave.  And that includes activities prepared and conducted by Karen, not me.  Therefore, I made some notes that HS should be aware when writing reports, the purpose of my note, with lists of what happened on what day in chronological order, and who attended, mostly for something that is not clearly visible on scheduler.  So when the new format arrives, she can refer to my note, along with pre-existing history of schedule and documents, and write up the report according to the format.  Easy, no?  Last time I did write-up the report to the existing format, but on the last minute EC sent a whole new format so I had to go through some major restructuring.  And that was pain in the ass.

You can’t give your answer when there is no question given.  But, you CAN have a general idea about what the question is going to be about, and you CAN work on some general idea about what is going to be answer.  That is what I was doing.

Well, all of sudden, HS talked to me almost like she is about to pick a fight: “What are you doing recently? Are you busy?” I don’t like HS but I don’t want to pick on a fight in the office.  I simply answered, “well, I am wrapping up some financial clean ups and slowly sending my leaving notes to the related people.”  HS went on, saying “but that only takes several minutes, and you are just giving me notes and lists.”

Oh, okay, now she thinks I’m the lazy ass.

I: look, EC always sends a new format.  I don’t have the format yet, and we don’t know how they will categorize it.  That is why I am giving you notes and lists, instead of full report – which is not possible to begin with.

HS: I looked at the reports, and the information is pretty same.  So why not completing your part of report?

I: (about to pull out my hair) That is what I am saying!   The information is pretty much same and that is why I am giving a simple listing and notes, so when you receive the new format you can use the listed information in whichever way you want.  Having raw information and fitting it to a certain format is easier than changing format A from format B!

Then the nosy Yoon started to sniff around again, playing the Mother Theresa.

Yoon: Um, well, just write the parts you completed, nothing more nothing less, use the old format.  You know it better, and it’s more work to translate Korean to English.

Well, if she knows that it is more work to translate, then why did she say “oh, but you speak good English, it’s easy for you?”  HS’ English is good, so I guess it should be a piece of cake to her too.  You don’t give command unless you have some good grasp on the topic you are about to command.  As of HS, something tells me that she was playing that dirty I-am-older-than-you card.  Both in States and Japan, one of the things I really could not bear was Koreans constantly playing that age card when they feel like they are in disadvantage (of course, only to other Koreans).  Who cares about age when it is about fulfilling your responsibility?  Regardless of age, if you are new to the job and dealing with someone who is more experienced in that job than you are, you don’t really have much to say (doesn’t mean the experienced one can abuse this position).

Anyway, thus I am looking at the old format.  Yes, most of the information will be same, and that is why there is nothing for me to re-write anything except changing some dates.  This is so stupid.  I texted my good friend, Annabell: they don’t let me be peace out.  They make me to do unreasonable stuff! Annabell says: That bastards want the last drip of your sweat and blood.  Ignore it and do it but don’t give your best. Basically, we were saying the same thing:

Yep, that's just what I need.

An overly talkative dumbhead who tries to push me down using she being older than I am (then behave like one, fuc*er), a bossy bit*h who micromanage everyone, sniffing around and get on everyone’s nerve probably thinking she is the most hardworking and talented manager.  Someone has Alzheimer, I tell you.  It already sounds like a shipwreck.


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