Usual office rant #1.

It looks like Yoon is just a major pain in the ass really annoying person when it comes to work.  I guess the lack of system in this office and absence of our senior manager due to her maternity leave contributed to her behavior, but she just has to be nosy on everyone else’s job.  Here’s the worst part: she assigns the job to her subs (technically not actual subs, but people who worked in this office shorter than she did).  When the sub finishes the task and turns it in, then Yoon complains, saying how she does not like this and it is not good to make A like B.  If she had that solid plan of how the job had to be done, maybe she had to give the right direction to the sub when she is assigning the work, not after the work’s completion.

According to an eavesdropped conversation, Yoon assigned Choi to write a program proposal to client company. Choi did it on schedule, but for some reason Yoon did not like it (obviously).  She just went on and on and on about how Choi did not choose the right words, how word choices here and there should be changed, how it is inappropriate to put this graphic here, etc.  In the end, Choi got pretty upset too, saying “well, you said just get it done quickly by last night!” Then Yoon went, “I know, but the clients never give us enough time!” (This is one thing I really do not like about doing business in Korea…I will write bit more about this one later on).  Seriously, if you have that plan, and know you are going to complain, then just get it done by yourself; if you are to assign the task to others, then give a clear direction, instead of endless post-work whining.  Yoon is just really meddling by nature.  She is never satisfied by others work, never accepts some other ways of getting job done and thinks her way is the only right one (worse: she can’t share her plan before getting started), therefore sniffs around all the other works, including something that is not hers.  Then gets angry because she doesn’t like the way work is done.  It’s a cycle – I can totally see it.

Usual office rant #2.

All of sudden, our accountant called me and her sub to her seat, with voice packed with annoyance.  The F program, which I used to be in charge of, had a miscalculation on lecturer venue.  She whinned complained that we – maybe only “he” – should check, when we are uploading this information.

For a second, let’s forget that F program is notorious for having no operation principle whatsoever and constant changes.  In fact all programs are in this office, but F is the worst.  On the top of that, my job is to inform schedule and enter the data on the excel sheet.  Financial officer is in charge of checking and maintaining the sheet, and directly involved with actual wiring.  I’m not saying I am 100% innocent on this trouble, but thanks to the dumb financial officer, now I had to make a call, asking to return the double-wired money to client.  Last time, he paid all the money waaaay to early.  When there was a sudden schedule change like usual, we had to go so many troubles.  Next, he processed them waaaaay too late.  And yeah, I said I can take care of the program until the end, since it will minimize the confusion.  Now there’s a trouble, it’s all my fault.

But let’s not blame everything on him.  Can’t this office make a better system and regulations?  Calling here and there and checking the wiring thrice is just waste of effort and time.    And why should the director approve all that payment records?  Let the financial officer handle the whole damn thing!  Oh wait, those two words are nonexistent in this office.  I should not expect too much.


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