Didn’t I say leave me alone?


For the rest of my time in my current office, I wanted to keep in clean and quiet, lower my head and just be (fakely) nice to everyone.  Unfortunately, the surrounding is not helping me out much.

Last November, before HS’ biz trip, she made this long list of business schools for mailing.  After the biz trip, she came back with the conference membership directory and asked me to add them up.  If I remember correctly, she said, “Please take a look at this directory book and excel file together, and add whatever school that is missing from the excel file.”  So I did.  I added the addresses and names that is listed on the directory but not on the excel file.  Whatever she had on file, she left it on blank so I left it as a blank too.  That part of the job is her responsibility, not mine.  Maybe she left it for purpose. In terms of the mailing listing purpose, I really do not understand her way of organizing.  She just listed everything in terms of school names – no separate category for country.  That is NOT convenient when you are taking all of these addresses to the post office.   In addition, there is this very unclear category, named “top tier school,” “second tire school,” “non-US ranked” and such.  She hyperlinked all school websites on the title, so I thought that one is cool (story to be followed later on). Overall, at that point I was already detached from the office and I did not want to do my best anyway.

Today, some other managers thought it is now time to send all that brochures and newsletters to those mailing addresses.  Opening the file, HS said she sees some missing information.  I replied that I added everything she gave me.  Turns out, she was talking about those blank ones.  I was baffled: first, it was your responsibility.  Secondly, you did not give me a clear direction.

I: Didn’t you say you want the directories to be up?

HS: No, I told you to fill in the blanks too.

What’s the point of arguing.  Once you realize that a person is just not within your boundary of common sense or understanding, leave it, don’t try to argue.  So I simply said, “alright, alright. I’ll do it.”  Then a minute later, she sent another message saying, “oh I added some more addresses, so please send the brochures just to those highlighted ones.”

WTF? After making all this long mailing list, what the heck is happening?  I thought the brochures are to be shipped to everyone in the mailing list and the directory? Almost given up,  I asked.

I: Okay, so as you told me I added the UNICON directory addresses.  And I thought the brochures are to be shipped to everything on the listing-

HS: No, I’m sure I told you to add up every blank addresses.

I: -_-; That isn’t what I’m talking about.  What I am talking about is, that are you going to send all brochures to all of the lists, or just the things you highlighted?

HS: Oh, that.  Yeah, I gave the brochure personally to all those people, so you just have to ship it to highlighted ones.

Okay, then what’s the point of keeping two separate mailing lists, with overlapping information? How about marking those names whom already received the brochures?  Like I said, I gave up, leave it.

And now that hyperlinks I talked about is bugging me so much.  Turns out, she linked them to Businessweek pages, not the actual school page.  So now I have to click the link, google search, and then go to the school business division website, and then executive education website just to find the damn address.

When HS first came to the office, I was excited and thought we can work together.  And I tried my best to be friendly.  But now this.  For sure not everyone can be friends with everyone else.

Then another annoyance.  I was in charge of FC program.  This program includes a small “workshop” (read: pleasure trip).  The older manager, who used to be in charge of this program, told me to finish calculating and planning the finance even before everyone paid it up.  So I did, and ran the trip as planned.  As I and the office started to talk about leaving and such, I thought the office will let me to finish the FC program, or at least co-run with EH.  Well, for some reason they just let EH to take it over: and I was “sure, go ahead.”  Apparently several did not people did not pay the trip fee even after the end of this program.  Then this older manager told me and EH to make sure get their payment, adding “ceberus, this is something you are responsible; you should have finished it.”  Um, okay, who tell me to let EH to take over everything?  When I say I’ll do my full duty, they say “no need, thanks,” and now when there is trouble, all of sudden it is my responsibility.  That’s how it works in this office, I guess.

I am willing to be quiet, not disturb anyone and offer some help if there is until the day of my leaving.  I just don’t know why these people do not let me be.


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  1. yAH…welcome to the world of “business”. If the world’s problems are in the hands of these people, I say we join Virgin Airways next spaceflight and joiin the “final frontier”. Seriously, I really understand where you coming from.

    In my work today, I had to make a list of all the “accomplishments” for Decembre. now, I manage an apartment complex. Wait a minute. Suddenly I am making lists for OTHER properties, not my own. After I turned in the list, I am told {“Oh yeah, by the way, I need you to write a newsletter for all the tenants in California”.

    WTF??? i don’t live and work in California. WTF am I supposed to say in a newsletter just created for them??? “Oh yea, Schwarzenegger says your unemployment check is in the mail???””

    Please…I hate “business” and I hate “corporate life”. It is such a waste of time. I could be at home painting or cleaning my apartment and that would be more productive than the stupid crap I have to do at work. Which is usually someone else’s job anyway! LOL!!!

    My love and peace to you from across the miles,
    Suzanne from TCKid.com
    PS – I linked to you . Hope you get some readers!

    • LOL! As soon as I listen to the New Year’s news on Pakistan bombing, I thought, “if there is any plan to ship some people to make a moon colony, I’ll probably join.” Some people just do not have the word “responsibility” written in their dictionary. Sad! Thanks for the comment, and I linked your blog too 😀

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