So I grew up in….


One of the most dangerous neighborhood in the entire USA.

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Yay Michigan, no wonder why it is the hometown of Eminem.

I lived in a nice suburb town, about 1-1.5 hrs away from Detroit downtown.  Now the city has cleaned up some mess in city, but my first encounter with Detroit downtown was scary.  It was exactly like one of those slums in Jay-Z’s early music video.  The building’s glass windows were all crashed.  Later on, I went to the Detroit Amtrak station.  I could see a lot of burned down homes and its remains sitting on a ground, and people were just walking by it.  That was real scary.

As of Flint, marked as the 5th dangerous town in USA, I used to do volunteer after-school tutoring at a local church.  It was a big eye-opening experience for me.  When my student said his step dad yells at him “shut up and go back to sleep,” with teary eyes, I really did not know what to say – I felt so powerless.  He was 4th grader – I only wonder what happened to him ever since I left Michigan.  Hope the life worked out better.

I feel sorry for Michigan since it is where I grew up, and some of my pleasant memories stay there.

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Have South Korean passport, looks like South Korean, speaks fluent Korean, working at South Korea yet grew up in Midwestern American and spent one year in Japan. Probably looks like Korean and speaks fluent Korean but thinks like American. Lost in translation. TCK/CCK.

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