Moments like this…


Moments like this – I hate Korean offices.

So I don’t really have much action going on these days.  I had something to listen to over my computer. It would be wrong to turn my speaker volume to max.  So I used my headphone, made sure my ears are halfway open, with minimal volume.  In that way I could hear everything that is going on along with my computer.

Randomly the lady sitting 2 desks away came over.  I thought she came over because she has something to ask or assign me something.  But she simply said: “you are not wearing that headphone in the office.”  I explained that I had my volume to minimal and my headset was only halfway closed, so I still could hear everything.  Then she said “well, anyway, you don’t wear your headset in the office.  Isn’t that a common sense?”  Well, okay, but before you say that to me, say something to the accountant.  She turns on music on her speaker during working hours.  Even if it is small volume, if me wearing headset with half-open ears and minimal volume is wrong, our accountant did even more wrong than myself.

It’s not the matter of practical function of “able to listen your phone rings and colleagues.”  It’s more of  “because I say so, because I don’t like it, because it doesn’t look good, don’t” (And I see a shadow of my father…argh).

This is one of those moments when I just hate average Koreans.


About ceberus

Have South Korean passport, looks like South Korean, speaks fluent Korean, working at South Korea yet grew up in Midwestern American and spent one year in Japan. Probably looks like Korean and speaks fluent Korean but thinks like American. Lost in translation. TCK/CCK.

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