Stunned by stupidity


After I – we? – agreed that I will not work for the current office after February, things have become pretty easy for me. Now people don’t ask me for all that little English translation (why didn’t they do so earlier?), the EC program’s academic module is completed and I’m just working on back-up manuals for the new people who will take care of my duties after I leave. There 2010 biz plan was pretty much same as it was, and that makes me even more convinced about my leaving of this office.

About a week later from the “agreement,” my supervisor told me that I won’t be going for the scheduled trip to Texas; the new person, a Canadian Korean older than my supervisor herself, will be going. Bummer, because I knew it would be a nice relaxer from hectic office works, get to meet my dear friends and host family. But I didn’t complain. As she asked, I forwarded all the accommodation reservation and flight ticket info.

Few days later, I happened to overhear some conversation about the business trip. And that was about:
1) Unnecessary waste of money. Seems like they had to pay additional 400,000 KRW (=about 344 USD) or more for the ticket change, or had to cancel pretty much everything.

2) Now there was a ticketing crisis – I saw the new manager, who is going to Texas instead of me, was looking at the Korean Air website and calling “oh, so there’s no flight on Dec 3rd? Oh…so I see two transits, is there any flight that is non-stop?”

Well, sorry, honey, there’s no non-stop flight to Texas from Korea and I think you should’ve known that. In addition, I thought it is common sense to book your long distance flight at least 1.5-2 months before your scheduled trip, and if you fail to do so, it’s really hard to have your sit. Like my wonderful friend Maria said, maybe common sense is not common after all.

So, my office just wasted (or about to waste) a big sum of money. If I were my supervisor, I would’ve either let me go and do my last reporting. If she really didn’t want me to go, she should’ve secured the flight ticket first, before attempting to cancel everything.

It would have been really nice if I still get to go Texas, because I miss Sephora, crazy christmas shopping, my host family and friends and most of all, life in States. My parents annoyed me a bit by saying “see, you said the salary thing too early” but I believe it’s just the way it had to be. At that point I had enough of my coworker totally unappreciative of me, and it revealed how non-professional minded this office is. Like Oprah said, you can’t have all at once, right? In return I have much more free time.

At least the program director sent me an e-mail, thanking me for doing a good job and putting  a lot of effort for the program management.  That’s worth it, and that’s what I look for.


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