Alea iacta est, grand finale – 4


Alea iacta est, grand finale – 1

Alea iacta est, grand finale – 2

Alea iacta est, grand finale – 3

I will quit here once my contract ends, and search out for a new path.

The reasons:

– They just need someone who works, not think hard to work or passionate about the job.  Our approach of work and how to see the work is vastly different. Basically it’s “their own little league.”

– There is no channel for suggestion, promotion or giving a new try.

– The works are executed in such an inefficient manner.

– I don’t like the professors’ – especially Korean “business school professors” – mindset.  Fortunately I had a chance to work two great, exceptional professors but others are horrible in general.  I even feel bad for the students.  Basically they think they are the great-your-highness professors (of one of the most privileged institution of this country) so they are exempted from all work.  Yup, their highness don’t do anything except criticizing. With some exceptions, many of their lectures are simple translation of what they learned from American institutions.  So they got their degrees from America. They don’t work like American professors, yet they take all the privileges of South Korea.  They don’t change or criticize on ineffectiveness of South Korean system; instead they just use it for their good.  In States, they barely spoke English, rarely tried to get to know the real America. Now they are in Korea, and always try to set them apart high and don’t do any work because they are the elegant professors with American degree.  Makes me sick.

-They talk a lot about globalization, and always emphasize how they are globalized, how awesome the globalization/international is, etc.  But if you look inside, they don’t do anything real, specific and practical for the globalization.  Of course there’s very little support for it.  It reminds me a lot about segregation and early freed-slave era: you just grab a black person, dressed him same with white people and give him a set in a same room and say “hurrah, we are all same person! Yay liberty!”  Likewise, you just plant some non-Asian looking person or set a goal that has something to do with Europe or USA, don’t do shit, and say “look how we are super globalized!”

‘Nuff said.  So that’s pretty much what happened and that is why I’ll leave & WILL NOT TAKE ANY MBA COURSES IN SOUTH KOREA.

Funny thing – after we had that not-so-friendly conversation, I was out of the office for work. To be honest I was being a dumbass by saying I’ll be out from around 3 pm when my real agenda was on 8 pm.  Then, Boss 1’s message arrived, saying “tell her to report where she’s going before she leaves.  Man…she’s so immature and have no sense of time.” I just laughed – this is immature.  So I replied: “sorry if I behaved immature.  If there is anything I did against the rules, could you please tell me directly so I can no longer make another mistake?  Thanks.”  Then she said “no, not that you broke the rules…just tell the supervisor from now on.” Boss 2 added all managers do the same.  But I know that’s bullshit because I’ve never seen a manager actually going to Boss 2 seat or talk about their vacation plan.

But I don’t care because I won’t stay here.  Sure, like the IT manager told me, things will change eventually, bringing beneficial tides for me and him.  But I don’t want to waste another multiple years, just waiting and looking how this center’s navigation changes every 2-4 years with no one who can stay here long with firm philosophy.


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  1. Glad you are breaking away from the frustration! I’ve enjoyed my time off of work immensely. And it’s a great chance to explore other interests. Although I’m very close to a new position, the five months I’ve had off have been amazing!

    • I am, really. Phew.
      It’s kinda ironic – when out of job, it is frustrating. But when back in the job, we all start missing the unemployed times. Congratulations on the job news, so is everything confirmed? All set and ready to go again?

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