Alea iacta est, grand finale


So after this happened, I had a breif meeting with my director.  It sounded like he was leaning toward the rise-in-salary option.  I provided him all the copies of works I did for the past year.  I also said I would prefer the supervisors to make me an offer first, because I understand my history of work is shorter than others and there are areas that I don’t get to see but they get to see when it comes to the wage and finance and such. Afterward, I had another meeting with director and senior managers.  From here, a point-by-point summarization of what we talked about:

I: I am also dealing with other departments while managing three programs, all requiring vastly different responsibilities. And, the programs I manage involve complete different set of language, approach and mindset.  I need some re-organization so I can focus on my specialty (if there is one).  If that is not possible, I think deserve a nice salary rise.  Here’s the 1 year data of my works.

Them: *shrug* well we are managing multiple number of programs at the same time, and each program is different.  So does your case.

I: Yes, but all the programs you manage are for Koreans only.  If the work involves people from different cultural background and language, it is a different story.

Them: *shrug* I don’t get it.

Director: Isn’t that called multitasking?

I: (Pulling out my hair) Alright, let me put it this way…the works are totally unsorted and just thrown to my box while I have other things to do. Please do something.

Them: We’ve all been there and that’s how the things are.

I: sigh. *give up*

Say you are injured, lying on some street.  You are in great pain, shouting for help.  A passerby saw you, bleeding and stabbed.  She feels for you, works on the stanch process and calls 911 immediately.  Another passerby, too, saw you bleeding and in great pain.  But this one thinks “okay, apparently he’s screaming help and bleeding so I guess he is in trouble…because he says it…uhh…I don’t know but I guess I’ll have to help because he says it’s painful…but how? What does he want? Maybe I’ll check for 30 min later.”  Replace the stab victim as me, and the passerby B as my supervisors.  I guess now you can see how frustrated and disappointed I was.

It was frustrating.  Apparently, they could not sympathize or agree on anything I said.  Any dialogue, or any kind of negotiation can futher develop only when there is a certain kind of shared base, or agreement. If they did not get it with multiple explanations, then further talk would be pretty unproductive.

So there I was after the meeting, all frustrated and disappointed. Then I saw my messenger blinking, notifying that I have a new message.  It was from our IT manager, saying…”are you alright? hanging in there?”

To be continued


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