Some more hip partays


I don’t really do for so-called “night” “night club” or going those places. My perfect weekend night would be a good drink, good lounge/electronica music, rock my body a bit if I feel like, and give me some space. I am all for lounge more than clubs. So I am happy to see the growing number of “lounges,” kicking “night” ass away.

Let me know if you are interested!!!!!

+ Chungdahm area
Mustard Pimp (France) @ Binzip Project
Oct 16, Fri

Dmitri from Paris (France) for Halloween@ “Binzip Project”
Oct 30, Fri

+ “W” Walkerhill
Halloween Party @ Woo Bar
Oct 31, Sat

+ Hongdae Area
Cloud (Sweden) @ BlueSpirit
Oct 24, Sat

+Jongno Area
Rehap Opening @ Rehap


About ceberus

Have South Korean passport, looks like South Korean, speaks fluent Korean, working at South Korea yet grew up in Midwestern American and spent one year in Japan. Probably looks like Korean and speaks fluent Korean but thinks like American. Lost in translation. TCK/CCK.

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